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ATTENTION NEPETA COSPLAYERS! Here is a lovely Nepeta jacket tutorial! I made mine from scratch, and drafted all of my patterns from scratch. A lot of people have asked me to share my patterns, but I never save them so just this once I redrafted them and explain how to sew it all together! Enjoy! (note: you do not have to make as many panels as I did. I would advise 5 instead of 10 panels: 1 back, 2 back side, and 2 front side. That way you have one seam right down the middle of your side instead of several)

Here are the measurements for the pattern pieces. 

EDIT!!!!: I furgot that you should make G twice as big, then fold it in half before sewing it to itself. That way there are no raw edges on the end of the cuff.

And make sure to hem the bottom!!! That’s why I said measure your body length plus 2 inches

Also, these patterns are an estimate so you might have to adjust them and work with them.


For those who have trouble reading cursive, here are most of the notes:

Picture 1: Pattern pieces

            -on Piece A, measure from the nape of the neck to the ground + 2 inches for hem

            -sew everything at 5/8”

            -add 5/8” seam allowance!!!!

            -Always sew right sides of the fabric together (the pretty side)

            -This is not all to scale, just an estimate!

Picture 2: Sewing the main jacket

            - The red lines on the pattern pieces indicate where there are seams. (In this case, since it’s very fitted, there are six seams on the main part of the jacket and two seams where the tops of the jacket come together)

            -Make sure to leave plenty of room on the bottom and pin all the pieces together and try them on BEFORE sewing!

            -I didn’t leave enough room on the bottom, and my jacket won’t close all the way because I didn’t do this^^^^

Picture 3: Sewing the sleeve

            1. Fold sleeve in half; sew along here

            2. Pin to sleeve hole (highlighted in red) and sew around circle

               *line up this part with bottom of sleeve hole

Picture 4: Sewing the cuff on the sleeve

            1. Sew cuff (Pieces G) together

            2. Sew cuff to sleeve

            3. Fold cuff over

Picture 5: Sewing the collar

            1. Sew here on both pairs (of the four F pieces)

            -(arrow) raw edges

            2. Sew pairs together all the way around

            3. Turn inside out and sew to jacket here (where collar will go)

Picture 6: The jacket so far

            -(arrow) collar stops here for now

            * What jacket should look like turned inside-out now

Picture 7: Sewing the rest of the collar

            1. Sew both E pieces to each other and turn right side-out

                   -(arrow) raw edge

            2. Sew this (peice E) to this (piece D). (inside view (of how collar should look when sewed on))

Picture 8: Sewing the rest of the collar cont.

            -Flip collar down. Tack right here (on red dots)

               *Tacking is a single stitch to keep things in place

Picture 9: Sewing on the pocket and button

            1. Hand stitch both I pieces to both C pieces. Use a back stitch. Make sure to sew with edges tucked under.

            2. Cut a slit into J and sew a button hole (most sewing machines have a setting and instructions).

            3. Sew J to C under I (hand stitch. back stitch).

            4. Stitch button to I

Picture 10:

            - Done! :33


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Gentlemen, I’m Agent Carter. I supervise all operations of this division.

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Society towards bisexuals

I stopped breathing because this was so fucking real

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The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.  - F. Scott Fitzgerald

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you just KNOW that with jim kirk’s first child, bones plans to spend hours and hours and hours with that baby saying “dammit, jim” over and over and over again to up the odds that those are baby’s first words

baby: d- da- d- daaa

jim: what is it? dada?

baby: da-

jim: omg pls say dada omg i can’t wait to tell spock

baby: daaaaaaaaaaaaa-

jim: c’mon sweetie, say “dada”

baby: dammit jim

jim: B|






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I’m the Doctor. Well, they call me the Doctor. I don’t know why. I call me the Doctor too. Still don’t know why.

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Very important

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I was asked what a smashbook is. Let me tell you.

A smashbook


is sort of


like a scrapbook


but more




and with less




Ya feel me?


you just take things


thing you saved or things you made or whateverimage

and you smash it in.

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never before have i felt so connected to a headline

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